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News, views, events and information about Stuntney, Cambridgeshire, England.

Welcome to the Stuntney Village Website, which sets out to represent all interests in the village
and to present a window to the world.

Stuntney is a very small East Cambridgeshire village situated about one and a half miles south-east
of the cathedral city of Ely.

This site is listed in the British Towns and Villages Encyclopaedia of Great Britain.

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Stuntney Sunset

Photo: courtesy of Rodney Vincent

Regular Features

Broadband Speeds

How good is your broadband speed? It does seem that the speed for most of the residents of Stuntney is at best slow and more commonly pathetically slow. The Village Council is making due enquiry into the situation. It would be very useful if the Village Council could have some data to support their enquiries.

To this end, we would be pleased if you could test your speed and let Mike Fox know the results. Various speed testers are available via Google but here is one that is "tried and tested". You can take the test at (You don't have to sign up for anything - go straight to Begin the Test".)

There are many other testers available.

Do the test several times, please, and send the results to Mike Fox

So far, just eight people have checked their Broadband Speeds and the results are given below:

        CB7 5TL        1.5
        CB7 5TW        1.66
        CB7 5TN        1.73
        CB7 5TL        2.19
        CB7 5TJ        2.4
        CB7 5TW         2.55
        CB7 5TL        2.79
        CB7 5TN        3.09

One interesting feature is that there is no sensible correlation between the speed and the post code!

What's Happening?

Holy Cross Church, Stuntney

Forthcoming Services

Services have settled into a pattern of Holy Communion and Morning Prayer and all services still at 9am.

22nd March: Morning Prayer
5th April: Easter Day - Holy Communion - coffee after service and, at 9:45am, an Easter Egg Hunt for the children
12th April: No Service
26th April: Morning Prayer
19th April: Holy Communion

Parish Annual General Meeting - after the service 10.15am 19th April

Everyone is most welcome to attend all the services and events!
Did you know ....

Rainfall in Stuntney

Rodney Vincent has been measuring rainfall for several years. In the 2014 rainfall figure for Stuntney was a total of 701 mm (27.6 inches, in "real money").

This is not particularly exceptional although a little over the average of the last 16 years. The lowest rainfall year over that period was 2011 with 17.4 inches, the highest 2012 with 30.93 inches, so perhaps we are beginning to see a more extreme weather pattern emerge.

Strikes at the railway bridge in Ely.

Again, Rodney has been doing some research. He has managed to obtain the following annual figures for "strikes" at the railway bridge in Ely over the last fourteen years:

A culmulative Frequency Graph!                

        Year  Number
        2000   14
        2001   6
        2002   3
        2003   13
        2004   10
        2005   12
        2006   5
        2007   17
        2008   9
        2009   12
        2010   8
        2011   11
        2012   11
        2013   17
        2014   12


There is a website with more details about the proposed bypass - if you missed the meeting on Wednesday OR you weren't sure about some of the points made, this site is for you!


Holme Forties Weekend

There was an excellent gathering at the Holme Forties Weekend (4th and 5th October) and our own Reg Manning was there with his World War Two motor bike. Here we see Reg talking with some of the dignitaries.

Photograph courtesy of Rodney Vincent. ---->
Other previous events Events

Macmillan Coffee Morning

Thursday 25th September

The Old Hall

There was a good attendance at the Macmillan Coffee Morning, held at The Old Hall (courtesy of Mr and Mrs Morbey). Here are some pictures of people there - you may recognise some of them!

Stuntney Heroes

World War One

This is a brand new page on this website, giving some details concerning those who fought in the Great War - and in particular, those who gave their lives. To view the page, Click Here.

Stuntney in Bloom 2014

There were three categories this year: "Flowers in Abundance", "Hard Landscape Artistry" and "Best Kept Gardens". The results were as follows:

Flowers in abundunce

1st ..... 16 Steward Close
2nd ..... 3 Hallfield Terrace
3rd ..... 3 Nornea Farm Cottages

Hard landscape artistry

1st ..... Ashes, Soham Rd
2nd ..... 8 Lower Rd
3rd ..... Harlock Farm House, Soham Rd

Best kept

1st ..... Teatree Cottage, Soham Rd
2nd ..... Eden, Soham Rd
3rd ..... The Keyes, Soham Rd

A big thank you to our sponsors for their generosity, without which there wouldn't be any prizes. Wilkinsons, Goldings Nursery and Brands of Ely

Thank you to those who came and supported the prize giving. Unclaimed prizes/certificates can be collected from the Social Club during its opening hours


The Ely Mayor Visits Stuntney

Later in the day (9th July 2014), the Mayor of Ely attended the Meeting of the Village Council.

(Photo thanks to Rodney Vincent)

The Mayor of Ely (Cllr Lis Every) visited Stuntney on Wednesday 9th July partly for the Stuntney in Bloom judging, but also to ride on the World War II motorbike and sidecar restored by Reg Manning.


Green-fingered brothers Alex and Daniel Millard, who grew an oak tree from an acorn found on a country walk, have finally succeeded in planting what they hope will one day be a mighty specimen.

The pair, of Lower Road, Stuntney, planted the acorn four years ago and in 2012 offered it to Stuntney Village Council to commemorate HM the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.

Since then the council has been in discussion with a variety of official bodies, including Ely City Council, and recently received permission to plant the young tree on land adjacent to Stuntney Causeway and the A142.

Estelle Lankester (corr), chair of the Village Council said: 'The boys have been really patient. It took a while but eventually everybody was satisfied and it's great to see the tree in a proper growing spot at last.'

Daniel, aged nine, and Alex, 13, who are both pupils at King's School Ely have promised to keep an eye on their tree and keep it well watered over the summer.

John Spencer, secretary to Stuntney Village Council

Picture : John Spencer

The Proposed Bypass - a personal view

The following article was published in the Letters section of the Ely Standard on 10th October 2013

Amid the euphoria over what appears to be a conclusion to the discussion on the Bypass route some factors seem to have been conveniently overlooked.

What will be the effect on the traffic flow along the A 142? We people living in Stuntney find it hard enough now to make an exit from our village. Make it easier with less delay for HGVs to come via Ely and more will come. Combine this with the development at Soham and for us it's going to get a lot worse.

What are these streams of HGVs that block our roads, are they visiting Ely and helping the Ely economy? Just the opposite I think, the majority are just using our ancient city as a means of getting to the north or Midlands and Ely is simply a time wasting inconvenience.

Of course the bypass should have followed the railway line between Soham and Ely and passed inconspicuously over the river and railway to the A10 roundabout, but that would require more money. The daft thing is that the government always seems to have money to chuck at doubtful foreign adventures and overseas aid that I suspect often gets into the wrong hands anyway.

As a temporary expedient, if means could be found to allow cars and light vans to safely pass HGVs that are waiting at the crossing, the long queues and hold ups would largely disappear.

Rodney Vincent

The Proposed Bypass
We are in possession of all the "official" documentation regarding the Planning Application for the proposed Ely bypass and this is on display in the Social Club. You can visit the Club and view all this data during normal Club opening hours.

Alternatively, all the information is available on-line HERE.

Now it gets messy!!

(Follow the link "Have your say on planning applications")

then click on "Search planning applications and permissions on-line"

In the "Applications Quick Search" box enter the number E/03005/13/CC and with any luck you should find yourself at the start point!

Now click on the highlighted E/03005/13/CC

I am truly sorry about this complicated proceedure - it is NOT my fault!! Good luck!! Mike Fox

Stuntney Village Council Meeting Minutes

The Minutes of the most recent meeting of the Village Council are now on-line. Use the link above or click here.

...... EARLIER ENTRIES ......

  • A massive thanks to Rodney Vincent for all his fantastic hard work since he started the site in 2004.

    If you see him about, please thank him! Mike Fox
    September 3rd 2011. It's goodbye from him.
    In September 2004 I launched this website and after running it for seven years, during which time it has received around 33,000 visits, I think it's now time to hand over to someone else.
    This will allow me more time to concentrate on the websites for the East Cambridgeshire Neighbourhood Watch Association and my other interest - the Newmarket Local History Society.
    To all my regular viewers I say farewell but my interest and work for Stuntney will remain.

    Mike Fox will be the new webmaster and with his long involvement with Stuntney and concern for all aspects of the village I feel sure it will be in good hands.
    I have had much reward from creating and running the site and now wish Mike every success in continuing it.
    Rodney Vincent.

  • July. Stuntney Old Hall enjoyed a busy time during the month with presentations of its role of offering classy Bed & Breakfast accommodation and as a special Event Centre.
    During the weekend 16th/17th July it was a promotion of its unique venue for wedding receptions and on the following weekend it hosted a Charity Tea Party in aid of Romanian Children in Distress, when the large marquee at the rear was filled to capacity.
    The Old Hall has features that make it a special place. As well as offering spacious and stylish accommodation it stands on the site of and incorporates features from the original old hall that has connections going back to Oliver Cromwell. Its commanding position gives superb views of Ely Cathedral, just over a mile away, and over the lake and open countryside at the rear.
    For more pictures of The Old Hall go to The Old Hall by day and night

    Stuntney Old Hall website is at

  • Are you concerned about your Broadband Speed?. Here in Stuntney we should be getting a minimum of 2 m/bit (2000 kb/sec) download speed, but some are falling far short of this. You can take the test at This test gives the average speed over the test period..
  • A new website called 'Ely People' gives an opportunity to record and access news about local people and happenings. Quite a lively site and worth a look

  • Stuntney through the seasons slideshow - Go to the Images of the Seasons page.

  • A number of Stuntney residents have signed up to receive E-Cops messages from the police. These include alerts and general news information. You can go on the list by visiting

    For those interested in local history, a graphic description of Ely and its surroundings in 1698 was written by the intrepid traveller Celia Fiennes. select here

  • The Milton Children's Hospice does wonderful work but relies heavily on charity for its funding. From time to time supporting events are held at Milton, which when received will be advertised on the Events page of this site. To find out more select here

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